Photovoltaic Solar Panels for Charging and Maintenance of 12V Batteries

2.5W-12V · 7W-12V · 20W-12V

SOLARTHIN™ Series are amorphous silicon (a-Si) panels

They are made in the superstrate configuration using tempered glass, which is specially designed for solar applications. Using the latest silicon deposition technology, we can manufacture different sizes, for different powers and voltages. Serial connections are made with laser process, so no mechanical connections are required.


Our panels absorb a wide range of wavelengths, so they generate energy from the first sunlight in the morning until the latest sunlight in the afternoon, even on cloudy days. These panels are designed to charge and maintain 12V batteries like those used in cars, boats, caravans, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. or small 12V systems as electrification doors, security systems, etc.

Through the energy generated by the panels, the batteries are prevented from the typical self-discharge and are maintained themselves at the optimum charge for when we need to use them. Its capabilities and performance features make them the ideal choice in many occasions.


Our amorphous solar panels operate very well in all weather conditions, even on cloudy days or under unavoidable shadows situations. This is especially very useful in not sunny locations or especially rainy climates.


These panels are maintenance-free and they are very easy to install. Armed with bypass diodes protection, are made of very strong materials and shockproof shatterproof glass.

Features and Benefits




• Easy: Very easy to use and install, with all kind of connectors included, such as, battery cable clamp, male and female CLA socket and extra cable. Lightweight. Maintenance-free.

• Reliable: They charge batteries in all weather conditions. They are weatherproof and shock resistant. Shatterproof tempered glass.

• Electrical Connection: Corrosion resistan junction box for more protection. Our modules are delivered with pre-assembled solar cables to enable quick and secure wiring without the need of special tools.

• The 20W model: It requires a solar charge controller.

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