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  • Complete Off-Grid Solar LED Lighting
  • ULTRA-SAFE (12V)
  • Reliable and Safe. All in One. Easy to Install and Ready to Use

 Universal. Make your Solar Lighting anywhere

  • Easy
  • Do It Yourself Design
  • It Works

High-efficiency Solar LED Lighting KITs

Complete Off-Grid Solar LED Lighting and Power KIT with Solar Battery and Universal Battery Box included



  • Do-it-yourself Solar Ligthing & Power KIT
  • Light everywhere you imagine. Do not requires the mains
  • Versatile & Adaptable. Fits with your favourite luminary
  • Both Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Easy on, easy off. Plug & Play
  • Easily expandable
  • Ultra-Secure (Low Voltage 12V) & Efficient (LEDs)
  • Clean, Free and Renewable Energy for lighting and/or running 12VDC appliances
  • Weatherproof, Resistant, Maintenance-free and very Long-Lasting components
  • Ideal for Off-Grid, Off-Shore and Backup power applications, e.g., cabins, homes, gardens, boats, RVs, Backup, remote power use,…
  • Complete. High-Quality Components. SOLARLIFE™ GALAXXI includes:
    • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel: matches perfectly with all 12VDC components of the system achieving the Best Results and Performance Possible
    • Solar Charge and Discharge Controller: Controls and protects the battery completely
    • Deep-Cycle Solar Battery: Maintenance-Free. Long Service Life
    • Outdoor Ultra-Low Voltage DC LED Flood Lights: Remove dependency on inverter for lighting. Connect the lights to the solar charge and discharge controller directly (3W-12/24VDC-240lm)
    • Universal Battery Box: Protects and storages easily all the components. Smart Design, Innovative Packaging & Storage. It is a practical charging station
    • Solar Cables & Lamp Holders: Ready-to-Use. No Special Tools Needed. As all components fit together, they are easy to install and ready to use
  • Always Light, Impressive Efficiency e.g., SOLARLIFE GALAXXI-5 delivers up to 7 hours of light per day in ideal conditions (4 hours STC, Standard Test Conditions, STC: 1000W/m², 25ºC and AM 1,5)

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