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  • Universal and Multifunction KITs for Uninterruptible Power Support, Backup and Supplementary Energy
  • Reliable and Safe. All in One. Easy to Install and Ready to Use

Universal Multifunction KIT - UPS, Back-Up and Supplementary Energy



  • Multi-function inverter/charger with a deep cycle battery bank
  • Combines functions of inverter and battery charger to offer Uninterruptible Power Support.
  • Preconfigured KIT and easily expandable
  • Able to meet a wide variety of loads and needs
  • Ideal for: Back-Up blackouts and/or Additional Power
  • Complete, Reliable and Safe. Ready to Use
  • All in One. Easy to install and Cost Effective
  • Plug&Play. Ready for PV Solar (charge controller integrated) and/or Generator Connections
  • Comprehensive LCD display. User-configurable. Easy-accessible buttons
  • Displays: battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications


Main Features of Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Smart Battery Charger

  • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
  • Selectable charging current based on applications
  • Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  • Parallel operation. Up to 20kAV in single-phase mode (up to 4 units) and up to 15kVA in three-phase mode (up to 4 units). Only for 5kVA models
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Overload and short circuit protections
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
  • Cold start function


Main Features of Solar Battery Bank

  • AGM Deep-cycle Maintenance-free 12V batteries
  • With 10 years floating design life
  • Strong grid and specific paste plate to have 30% more cyclic life time than standby batteries
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Ideal for Off-Grid and Off-Shore Photovoltaic and Wind applications, UPS and Back-up, telecom and CATV, traffic, agricultural, marine and caravan, cathodic protection, professional installations,…
  • They can be installed in any position
  • Very safe, fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection, with control valve for each cell and ultra container ABS (UL94-HB)
  • ADR/RID (Road and Rail Transport ), IMDG Code (Sea Transport ), and FAA and IATA (Air Transport) approved. According to standards DIN 43539-T5 (deep discharge), IEC61427-2005 and IEC60896-21/22-2004
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C

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