Photovoltaic High Efficiency

Micro Solar panels

MICROSOLARTM Solar Panels are made with high efficiency solar cells in a surface mount package



They are also suitable industrial applications such as wireless electronics, sensors and instruments.


The smart design allows connecting MICROSOLARTM Solar Panels flexibly in series and/or parallel to perfectly meet the application´s voltage and power requirements.


MICROSOLARTM Solar Panels have a very good response over a wide wavelength range and stability.

Robust and ready to be used in all kind of

applications, for battery charging and power all kind of electronics.


MICROSOLARTM Solar Panels are ideal for prototyping, experiments and learning.


Put the power of photovoltaic solar energy in your creations and generate green electricity. Make your own solar creations. Great for educational, scientific, research, design, DIY, robotics, toys and much more.


Power Electronics, LEDs, Solar Micro DC Motors and Pumps; charge and maintain batteries, capacitors and emergency backup batteries in such a way that battery life is extended.

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency solar cells
  • Built-in diode reverse current protection (included in certain models)
  • Long life and stable output
  • High mechanical robustness package
  • Film PET laminated encapsulation
  • Easy to connect with screw terminals (4mm2)
  • One product for multiple applications
  • Flexible integration into the applications
  • Suitable for rechargeable NiCd, NiMH and Lithium batteries and capacitors
  • Ideal for battery powered electronic devices, GPS, lights, sensors, microprocessors like ARDUINOTM, RASPBERRYTM, tec.

Note: ARDUINOTM and RASPBERRYTM are registered branches.

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